How To Get A High Paying Job In 4 Months In Nigeria


When I say I will show you how to get a job in 4 months, I literally mean 4 months! But the fact is that the mindset must start from you. How must it start?

They basically lied to us that all we needed was going to school, become an Engineer, and get a job that makes us a millionaire. The end result is seeing Engineers becoming marketers in the banks or cashiers.


Others who aren’t so lucky are still searching for a good job to survive until this point in time. The ones who have a job are mostly earning less than 50k Naira monthly. This is bad and you can’t achieve anything tangible with that amount.

In the coming months, inflation would increase; what are your plans to deal with that?

I will show you how you can get a good job in 4 months. It has worked for almost everyone who applied the same steps. You want to know how?

How to get a high paying job in 4 months

How To Get A High Paying Job In 4 Months In Nigeria


The secret is that every 4 months (i.e the start of every quarter), most companies recruit people to add up to their staff force. How can you be among those recruited? Let me show you;

Change your mindset

Thinking of getting just any job shouldn’t be your target as a young graduate. You should aim for the best jobs that have a massive salary structure.

Most people come out of school and NYSC, hoping just to get any job to survive. It might be true that there are no many jobs, but there are jobs for qualified people on how to have the skills.

Gain a Lucrative Skill

As funny as it may sound, I will tell you that I have never seen any software developer that is looking for a job in Nigeria.

A female friend of mine graduated with accounting and searched for jobs for 8 months without success. I convinced her to learn Software Development as a side skill. Despite not any knowledge of ICT, she pulled through.

Now she works with a new generation bank and earns more than 350,000 Naira as her monthly income. When she gets promoted, the salary would surely increase.


Looking at the job market in Nigeria, I can only recommend two skills for you;

– Software Development (Java, PHP, Python)
– Mobile Application Development

Any of the above is lucrative and would give you a job within 4 months after learning it.

Rewrite your CV

Now you’ve got a new skill, it is time to flaunt it like no man’s business. You have to use a good format to showcase your new skills and attract employers to your CV.

Add a cover letter to your CV

You can write a cover letter around the new skill you have acquired and the related job role. A cover letter is what explains your skills, capabilities and what you have to offer. There is a standard to write a cover letter, and I have explained that before in this post. So you can read it and get to know the tactics.

Use Legit Job Sites

I would want you to know that so many of the job sites available are filled with scams and non-existent jobs.

There are few job sites to follow, and you can see them where I wrote it by visiting this page.

Doing all of these, I guarantee you that within 4 months, you will get a job. It has been tested, tried, and proven. I wish you all the best in your hustle and life endeavors.

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