“How To Drive In Lagos: Agbero Edition”


“How To Drive In Lagos: Agbero Edition”

I’ve always loved driving. The feel of the engine beneath me as I rev towards my destination, the AC in my hair, the sound system blasting my favourite jam ,all these makes it something I look forward to…

In the States I meant. In Nigeria it’s nightmarish. Well since I came home I’ve mastered some skills and I hope you will learn a thing or two. Enjoy

1. Be bold. Have no fear brotherly. When you drive zero your mind. Especially in holdups. Once you’re scared dem go just dey pass you any how. Enter any vehicle front. Don’t trafficate before you do else they won’t allow you. Gbori wole nothing do you.

2. Put your brake oil near you. Dem must kiss your car. E sure me die. If na small scratch just wipe am and move on.

3. Update your swear dictionary. Add ogun go kee you, thunder fire you, iyalaya e and the likes to your dictionary. Trust me you will need it. For in Lagos silence makes you a fool. If you are too butty and can’t shout just wide your five fingers give them waka. That will suffice.

4. Never wind down in go slows or holdups. You can be robbed. Boys are not smiling.

5. Update your playlist. If you are a Christian be ready to worship God for hours. If you’re secular update. For marlians just put ladugbo mi on repeat. Holdup no dey go like that o. Have fun. For when you get home na sleep sure pass.

I would have written more but omo I tire. Feel free to add yours. Awo lor

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