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Are you looking for a perfect place to sell or buy bitcoins in nigeria? should be your first thought.
How To Buy and Sell Bitcoin On TruexGold


What is TruexGold

TruexGOLD is Nigeria’s Number One Automated Crypto-currency Exchanger were you can instantly buy, sell or exchange perfect money, bitcoin, payeer, advanced cash, binary, ethereum, planetofbets and fifty other digital currencies. We maintain the best rates in this industry and about 90% of our transactions are fully automated. We do not give in to delays because, we have got lots of highly skilled staff that will ensure your orders are processed in good time. You may also wish to become our affiliate and make passive income by inviting your friends to TruexGOLD using your personal referral link.

Is TruexGOLD Legit?

Yes, TruexGold, is one of the most legit exchange site I know, I vouch for there legitmacy. There services are fast, secure, reliable and excellent customer service feedback.

How hard is it to Trade Bitcoin To Naira On TruexGold

Exchanging you bitcoins to naira on truexgold is as simple as taking your bath, it take less than 5min to exchange your bitcoin to naira on truexgold or do the inverse

Who Can Use TruexGold?

Truexgold has no age limit, the only thing you need is your bitcoin wallet.

How Fast Is The Transaction With TruexGold

Transacting with truexgold either buying or selling bitcon to/from truexgold can be compared to the speed of flash.

Steps On How To Sell Your Bitcoin On TruexGold

STEP 1: To sell Bitcoin on, you must be a registered user of the website. Click Here To REGISTER

Step 2: Fill the form with your details as shown in the picture below and click Sign Up.
NaijaChoice Screenshot 20200612 232302
Step 3: Scroll down under YOU SEND Tab and click on BITCOIN BTC and under the YOU RECEIVE tab click on Naira NGN as shown below.
NaijaChoice Screenshot 20200612 233454
Step 4: As shown in the screenshot below.
NaijaChoice Screenshot 20200612 235100
NaijaChoice Screenshot 20200612 235314

  • On the SEND tab, Input the amount of bitcoin (btc) you want to send
  • On the RECEIVE tab, Input your bank details; your account number, your account name and name of bank.
    The asterisk Amount* in the “RECEIVE” tab, is equivalent to the amout of bitcoin you want to SEND
  • Input your PERSONAL DATA, your Email and Phone Number
  • Once you are through with the Send, Recive and Personal Data tab, you can proceed by clicking on the EXCHANGE button

SUMMARY: The Send tab should be filled with amount of bitcoin you are selling, while the Receive tab should be filled with your correct bank details.

Step 5: After clicking the Exchange button, you will be redirected to the page shown in the screenshot below.
NaijaChoice Screenshot 20200613 001926

Step 6: Now click on the Create Order button to complete your transaction after you must have confirmed that your details are correct to see the page below.
NaijaChoice Screenshot 20200613 002239
When confirmed, Truexgold will send the equivalent Naira to your bank account.

Steps On How To Buy Bitcoin On TruexGOLD

To buy bitcoin on truexgold is an inverse process of selling bitcoin like have explained in the process above, lets take a quick snap 😉.

STEP 1: Make sure you are a registered user on truexgold, if you already have an account Click here to LOGIN, and if you haven’t Click here to REGISTER

STEP 2: As shown in the screenshot below: under the “YOU SEND” tab, Click on Naira NGN, under the YOU RECEIVE tab, click on Bitcoin BTC.
after clicking on “Naira NGN” under “YOU SEND” tab, the “YOU RECEIVE” tab will automatically appear.
NaijaChoice PicsArt 06 14 08.09.26


STEP 3: Under the SEND tab, enter the amount of Bitcoin you wish to purchase, Also carefully copy and paste your bitcoin wallet address into the specified field as shown below.
NaijaChoice Screenshot 20200614 193419

STEP 4: Enter your PERSONAL DATA, ensure they are correct, as these details will be required to contact and identify you when the transaction is successful. Enter the correct value and click on EXCHANGE as shown below.
NaijaChoice PicsArt 06 14 07.54.04

STEP 5: To your ORDERED REQUEST, crosscheck once again to ensure everything is correct. Check the box to accept the terms and conditions and Click on CREATE ORDER as shown below.
NaijaChoice PicsArt 06 14 07.53.01

STEP 6: The Last step is to transfer money to TruexGOLD Bank Account To do this, transfer the necessary amount, following the instructions on our website, then click on PAID immediately after your payment as shown below.
NaijaChoice Screenshot 20200614 194037
NaijaChoice PicsArt 06 14 07.51.45

NOTE* The “PAID” button above should be clicked on once you’ve successfully make the transfer into TruexGOLD Bank Account, Once TruexGOLD receive the money and you’ve clicked on the PAID button your bitcoin wallet will be credited within 1min.

Frequently Asked Questions About TruexGOLD.COM

Question: What is truexgold exchange rate for bitcoin
Answer: Currently on 1BTC equals 3990913.8162, they have the sweetest exchange rates; Click here to see their exchange RATES

Question: How fast is transacting with truexgold
Answer: Truexgold has one of the fast transaction i know, truexgold transacation can be compare to when you dialled an USSD code on your phone

Question: How do i earn with truexgold affiliate program
Answer: By registering as a user on you will be given a unqiue affiliate ID, the affiliate ID will be used to invite new user to truexgold, once your reffered a user buy or sells on truexgold you earn a certain percentage from it.

TruexGold Affiliate payments are made via WebMoney in the currency WMZ onto a wallet, said by the affiliate during a registration in affiliate program.

Read more about TruexGOLD affiliate program here.

That’s all – On How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin on Truexgold

For more info:

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I await your comments, views and experience on truexgold, kindly make use of the comment section to share you thought and don’t forget there is love in sharing…

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  1. Leme drop my quick experience, i becme a middle man for those buying and selling btc, a gui scammed me off, i saw ur post fewdays ago buh i trashed it thinkin nt real buh i tried it yesterday and it was super REAL i wish i could drop scnshot, naijachoice d best

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