How My Husband Beat Me Up On Christmas Day For No Reason – Woman Laments

A woman has narrated how she was brutally assaulted by her husband for no reason on Christmas Day.
How My Husband Beat Me Up On Christmas Day For No Reason - Woman Laments
Good evening my brothers and sisters in the house. First , I am not a troll . I’ve been a member on NL since 2008 and am very active, but I prefer using a new account for my story to seek advice and also learn from other experienced people in this great group.

On christmas day hubby and I were invited to attend a special dinner at his friend’s house and I picked a nice outfit for him to wear on the day, he wore another outfit, a t shirt and jeans his every day clothes so I asked him politely to go and change, he got angry at me and told me to keep quiet and he went inside.

He was in our room for an hour while the kids and I were still waiting for him, I even sent the kids in their room to play, he later came out he only changed his top but didn’t changed the trousers and trainers. I had decided not to say anything for peace to reign, so as we were leaving, I asked him if we could take a family picture, he just snapped and slapped me and started beating me up so badly, he only stopped because my children were screaming and crying for him to stop.

I am so pained because before the incident happened, we were fine, no quarrel at all, I just don’t understand his reasons for beating me like this and I swear to God, I didn’t say something to make him this angry, he left me there and went out, his friend later called to know if we were still coming because he couldn’t reach hubby on the phone, I told him we are coming.

I cleaned myself, changed my clothes and I left with the kids to his friend’s house, to my surprise he was already there, we acted like everything was normal and I tried hard to stop tears coming because I was in pained.

For the past 3 days he has been acting as if I did wronged him, he doesn’t talk to me, he doesn’t eat my foods and he left the room and he is now sleeping in our son’s room. I just don’t know what to do again

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