Magic Enga: “How I joined Illuminati and the Prize I paid” Kenyan music producer spills


“How I joined Illuminati and the Prize I paid” Kenyan music producer spills


Popular Kenyan music producer, Magic Enga have spilled how he joined Illuminati, the prize he paid and how he ditched it safely.

The producer in his recent show with the “underworld community” during an interview with a local news platform, revealed that he sold his soul at 21.
“How I joined Illuminati and the Prize I paid” Kenyan music producer spills


He vowed that penury prompted such following how he had no shelter, no food and even home. He had no choice but to strive for a possible solution which spanked through a white woman who promised to make him rich.

He said:

“You know, in the past you either went to church or did something else to make money. So I saw ‘aish bro! When will I leave? Trouble on the street bro; I don’t have a car, I don’t have anything so I had to get in there”

He added that people’s curiosity embedded in Illuminati should be cleared by now because the devilish society is real.

“The Illuminati is real, I did it when I was 23, 24 years old and now I am turning 30.”


Narrating his ordeal with the white woman, he revealed that she promised to link her to great stars who are also Illuminati members that will help discrete his penury status. The first star that she linked him with emerged to be DJ Khaled whom he alleged introduced him to fame.

“She told me she could link me to the big musicians who went through it and became successful. and the first musician that she linked me with through the phone was DJ Khaled.”

Enga life did change after three months as promised by the White Woman who vowed to change his life. However, Speaking on the prize he paid for joining Illuminati, Enga spilled that he did not give any human sacrifice to pay for the good life he had but rather, he gave his blood.

“I was just donating blood. I was being stabbed and they were donating blood. I offer myself as a sacrifice”

He however finalised that he is no longer a member of the group and the day he left Illuminati attracted his penury life again.



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