‘How I Chose The Wrong Job Out Of 3 Job Offers’


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How I Chose The Wrong Job

I just want a lot of people to learn from my experience look before you leap.

I got 3 employment letter last year, and to resume the same day. Two on the mainland and one on the island.

One of the two on the mainland has a better salary than the other two, so I went for the better salary, as an upcoming father.

But believe me I didn’t know that they were only using money to entice people and then tell them to leave at their own time.

I received the shocking of my life when I opened my mail on Thursday to do a handover to a colleague on Friday last week.

I couldn’t cry, but I just had to hold back my tears and I brought out my phone and looked at my 2month old baby and moved on.

My advice, please don’t be in a rush to chose a job or switch that job and lastly always be prayerful that God should direct your path.

That was how I lost the 3 jobs


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