How Do People Who Don’t Drink Or Smoke Deal With Anger?


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How Do People Who Don’t Drink Or Smoke Deal With Anger?

Today I was really angry. Someone got me so mad that I could destroy things or harm the person. But I maintained my cool. Yet I was just mad almost all day that I couldn’t concentrate on anything else. Then I became angrier for being angry and being in a bad mood that was caused by someone else.

Then this evening, and since it’s been a while I went out to drink cos I’ve been very busy lately. So I went to my ATM and withdraw as much as I could afford to waste.
I went to a bar, drink, drink, took peppersoup..and took a couple of stick…
Now I’m a happy man and no longer angry.

I’m. now wondering how people who don’t drink nor smoke or go on lavishing spree manage to relieve their anger when mad..Hmmm. This life is too short to allow people spoil ya mood


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