How A Pregnant 19-Year-Old Girl Faked Her Kidnap To Enable Her Sell Her Baby In Lagos


A woman took to social media to narrate how her pregnant 19-year-old neighbour faked her kidnap to sell her baby for N300,000.
How A Pregnant 19-Year-Old Girl Faked Her Kidnap To Enable Her Sell Her Baby In Lagos
A Cotonou based 19-year-old girl and daughter of a cook who is 7-month-old pregnant allegedly faked her kidnap to enable her sell her baby at birth to a man in Lagos.

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The girl is said to have visited her mother in Lagos who she told she was not pregnant then one day she goes missing and reached out to her mother that she had been kidnapped. On investigation, after the Police got involved, the girl admitted that she planned selling off her newborn for N300,000.

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YOU GUYS!! The MOST odiferous SAGA happened in my compound and since I am a generous queen, I have decided to entertain you all with the twists and turns of this gist today. Please sit tight and grab your popcorn, as we take off today’s inflight entertainment.SO it all began when we woke up about 2 weeks ago pre lock down lifting, to a lot of furor amongst the staff in our little mini compound (made up of about 4 terraces). Apparently, the daughter of one of the cooks from another terrace had been MYSTERIOUSLY KIDNAPPED the day before

“How do they know it’s a kidnapping?” I inquired. Well, she was going to ‘buy something’ at Falomo roundabout and they haven’t been able to located her since, and her phone was switched off. The woman is Cotonou, and her daughter came to visit, she knows no-one in Lagos.So I was like hmmmm..this is indeed a conundrum. To be snatched in broad daylight at Falomo roundabout? Things indeed dey occur. The poor woman was beside herself and all the staff were buzzing with excitement, because Nigerians love drama. She spent the day at the police station

The story became even more sagalicious, when she received a call from her daughter that afternoon. Apparently, she had snuck one of the kidnappers phones and told her mom “she was going to find a way to sneak back home, and not to involve the police”. Phone # showing and all.

She also told her mom to make sure not to call the number back cos safety and alladat. By the time I heard this update, in all my superior intelligence, I said, chile this aint no kidnapping, and went back to doing my skincare routine and minding my bizwax

However, my husband who is more naive (“nooo she wouldn’t do that – in an accent more British than the Queen’s), decided to help by getting the phone number tracked. It showed that the phone was somewhere around Unilag. We relayed this info to her mama like some snitches

The mother of course took the number straight to the Po-po, who called and pretended to ‘trying to do business’. A man picks up then hangs up suddenly. The mother calls, and the man picks up again, he says “are you that fat girls mother?” then hangs up again.

At this point, I’m thinking, yeah she went to see her boo (have I mentioned she is 19). I was like 19 year olds do dumb shit like lie about being kidnapped cos they are sick of being on lockdown with their mothers. Anyway, to speed this up, the police surprisingly locate her

And because they too don’t quite buy this kidnapping story, proceed to arrest everybody, including the young lady in question, as Nigerian police tend to do Face with tears of joy.Now, hold on to your seats because this is where it gets INSANE.

You want to know what miss mamas was up to? Here is the sad tale. So, this young girl was living with the her uncle & his wife in Cotonou. The wife calls the mom and says boo, I think your daughter has a case of the preggo my eggo. The girl denies and says this bitch dont like me

The mom says, come to Lagos (just before lockdown), and the girl is like see, im not pregnant? But readers, SHE WAS 7 MONTHS PREGNANT. As you have guessed, she’s on the larger side BUT I’ve seen her and she doesn’t look pregnant AT ALL.

She was cutting herself monthly to put blood on a pad to prove to her mother that she wasn’t pregnant but she knew she was running out of time. SO. She found someone who wanted to BUY HER BABY. And the dirty deal was to go down in Lagos.

So the idea was that she was going to fake being kidnapped, disappear for the next 2 months, have the baby, SELL IT TO this baby peddler person for N300,000. Then ‘escape’ and come back home. Y’ALL. I did NOT SEE THIS PLOT TWIST COMING

How this plan came about I will never know, all these things could have been solved by the following things: access to birth control, access to safe abortions, presence of ability to communicate with African parents, S3x education, and i dont know SO MANY OTHER OPTIONS

The fact that this 19 year old girl would rather come up with this JAMES BOND plot that ends with her selling the child, than er, tell her mom she is pregnant, is so INSANE. So yeah, y’all, this is the craziest shit that happened this month.

Now she’s back at home, and I see the mother frequently looking to the skies, wondering what series of events have led her to this moment in life and why CHILDREN ARE SO WICKED

I’m happy to report that all seems well between mother and child, and mother has accepted her pregnant daughter, and claims not to understand why her child won’t come to her if shes pregnant. My guess is the girl was just terrified and desperate. Wild times, but thank God sha.


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