Hillarious Reason Why Women Shall Always Be Women

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1. You are asking for her number another guy is deleting that very number from his phone.
2. One guy texts her “Good morning” another dude is texting her “thanks for last night”
3. While one man is busy consoling and comforting her for menstrual pains, another dude is busy rejoicing because she’s not pregnant.
4. When you go through your girlfriend’s phone never look for messages with guys. Look for chats between her and her best friend that’s where the heartbreaking truth is.
5. A man can work for 10 years with unemployed wife and still be happy. But a woman will work 5 days and the whole community will know about the unemployed husband.
6. She calls you while secretly hoping you won’t pick up the call so that she can blame you later for not answering her call. But the most confusing part is when you break up with her she will look even more beautiful.
7. No one has more cousins and uncles than a cheating girlfriend. My brother, no matter how beautiful or humble she can be never ever trust a woman with all your heart.
8. If you help a lady when she’s in trouble, she will surely remember you when she’s in trouble again. Be extra careful my brothers and stop the habit of making promises during sex otherwise you will die poor.
9. “I love you unconditionally”…that’s a lie my brother, a man is loved under the condition that he provides.
10. Brotherman… work hard, make money and don’t waste your time and energy lifting heavy objects in the gym so as to look attractive, no African lady can choose six packs over six cars.
Women shall always be women no matter how hard you try!!

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