Highest Paid Jobs In Nigeria, And Their Roles


Highest Paid Jobs In Nigeria, And Their Roles

In spite of Nigeria’s disconcerting poverty rate, a significant amount of Nigerians earn decent remuneration from their chosen fields. Some of these professions earn in excess of millions and as a result, they are pretty competitive to access.

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These high-paying jobs are influenced by education (course of study, certification etc.), skills and experience. The jobs cut across multinationals, public and private companies as well as businesses.

In addition to offering exciting perks and benefits, they also pay their workers attractive wages.

In this post, you would learn about the most financially rewarding jobs in Nigeria, how much they pay and how you can secure them.

List of the Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria Based on Salary

  • Surgeon

How Much Do Surgeons Earn?

The salary range is N400,000 – N2,500,000.

What is the Role of a Surgeon?

A surgeon is a physician that treats diseases, injuries, ailments or defects via operative methods to restore/improve body tissues. In addition to leading the surgical team of doctors, nurses,anesthesiologist, surgical assistants and so on, the surgeon also issues the diagnosis of the patient, for performing the operation, and provides the patient with postoperative care after the surgery treatment together with any required treatment.

There are different types of surgeons in Nigeria and they all pay well. However, the recent increase in demand for cosmetic surgeries in the country and comparative scarcity of plastic surgeons has made plastic/cosmetic surgery the highest paying surgical profession in Nigeria.

How to Become a Surgeon

If you are interested in being a surgeon in Nigeria, you would have to study Medicine and surgery in any institution approved by the National Universities Commission. The average length of study is six years in the university, with a year each for housemanship and National Youth Service. Medicine and Surgery is a very competitive field of study in Nigeria, so you have to perform well in your senior secondary school certificateexamination and other relevant examinations.

Highest Paid Jobs In Nigeria, And Their Roles

  • Petroleum Engineer

How Much Do Petroleum Engineers Earn?

Petroleum engineers earn between N200,000 to N1,000,000 per month.

What is the Role of a Petroleum Engineer?

Given that Nigeria is an oil producing country, it is of no surprise that petroleum engineers are some of the highest earning professionals in the country. A petroleum engineerdesigns and develops methods for extracting oil and gas from deposits below the surface of the Earth.

It the duty of a petroleum engineer to determine how much oil and gas is in a reservoir, what method is most suitable extraction and the duration for which it would last.

How to Become a Petroleum Engineer

As stated earlier, Nigeria’s membership of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries is a huge contributor to the high remuneration of petroleum engineers. It is for this reason, also, that the field is highly competitive to get into. To become a petroleum engineer, you would undergo a five year course at any approved institution in the country and acquire appropriate certification.
Highest Paid Jobs In Nigeria, And Their Roles

  • Aircraft Pilot

How Much Do Pilots Earn?

The average monthly remuneration for a First Officer ranges from N200,000 to N500,000 per month, while captains are, on a monthly basis,, paid between N500,000 – N3,000,000.

What is the Role of a Pilot?

A pilot/aviator is the person who controls the flight of an aircraft. Pilots fly and navigate airplanes, cargo planes, helicopters and other types of aircraft. They are responsible for the safety of passengers and goods being transported as well as managing the crew team.

How to Become a Pilot

If you wish to be a pilot in Nigeria, it would cost you a pretty penny. Aviation schools typically charge between N7million to N10 million for flying courses. In all, it would take about four years to complete your training in any of the Federal Aviation Authority approved aviation schools.
Highest Paid Jobs In Nigeria, And Their Roles

  • Software Developer

How Much Do Software Developers Earn?

The average salary of software developers in Nigeria ranges from N134,000 to N400,000

What is the Role of a Software Developer?

Software development has to do with a set of activities that involve creating, designing, deploying and supporting software.

Software developers are responsible for computer programs. They determine a need and then proffer a solution by analyzing, designing, testing and developing software that solve this need. They also design application systems and ensure they run smoothly.

How to Become a Software Developer

To become a software developer, a degree in computer science is recommended but not compulsory. The knowledge of at least one programming language, as well interest in learning is enough to get you started as a software developer.

There’s a caveat, though. Software development is an ever evolving profession; so, you have to stay up-to-beat by regularly updating your knowledge and acquiring relevant certificates.
Highest Paid Jobs In Nigeria, And Their Roles

  • Investment Banker

How Much Do Investment Bankers Earn?

The financial sector is well known for its attractive salaries; investment and private banking take it a step higher. The monthly take-home of an investment banker is between N300,000 – N500,000 per month.

What is the Role of an Investment Banker?

Investment bankers act as middlemen to governments, companies and agencies. They help them raise funds by issuing stocks and securing loans.

Basically, they are charged with raising capital investments. As an investment banker, you can find employment in hedge funds, private, commercial and investment banks, asset management agencies, consulting firms and so on

How to Become an Investment Banker

The interesting thing about investment banking is that there is no specific degree requirement for it. In other words, regardless of your course of your study, you can still pursue a career as an investment banker.
Highest Paid Jobs In Nigeria, And Their Roles

  • Telecommunications Engineer

How Much Do Telecommunications Engineers Earn?

As technology is growing rapidly in Nigeria and telecommunication subscribers are growing by the second; thus leading to a high demand for telecoms engineers and a correspondingly high salary range of N200,000 – N1,000,000 per month.

What is the Role of a Telecommunications Engineer?

Telecommunications engineers (usually shortened to telecoms engineers) are skilled in management of data gotten from voice calls, video calls and texts. They also design and install telecommunications equipment and manage these means of communication to ensure seamless flow of information.

How to Become a Telecommunications Engineer

Telecommunications is a large field of engineering that largely combines both electrical and electronics engineering and computer science. So, a degree in either field from a recognized institution would qualify you for any opening. It be mentioned that any technical know-how related to this field can also fit in for recruitment
Highest Paid Jobs In Nigeria, And Their Roles

  • Aeronautical Engineer

How Much Do Aeronautical Engineers Earn?

The monthly salary range of an aeronautical engineer N350,000 – N700,000.

What is the Role of an Aeronautical Engineer?

An aeronautical engineer is concerned with the design, development, construction and maintenance of aircraft (including spacecraft, missiles, navigation and weapon systems). In other words, they deal with the technical side of aviation.

They calculate aircraft timescales, write manuals, calculate operating costs, evaluate flight safety, fuel efficiency and carbon emissions.

How to Become an Aeronautical Engineer

Aeronautical engineering and its sister field, aerospace engineering are both very technical fields and only a handful of institutions in Nigeria offer them or a variant. Some of them are: Air Force Institute Kaduna, Federal University of Technology Owerri, Kwara State University, Lagos State University and Afe Babalola University.
Highest Paid Jobs In Nigeria, And Their Roles

  • Accountant

How Much Do Accountants Earn?

Accountants in Nigeria earn between N140,000 – N1,500,000 each month.

What is the Role of an Accountant?

An accountant prepares and reviews financial records. It is your duty as an accountant to audit an establishment’s books and records in order to ensure accuracy. They also make sure that taxes are filed appropriately and that the company is in compliance with appropriate financial regulations so as to ensure a smooth running of business.

How to Become an Accountant

If you want to become an accountant, you would study accountant at any accredited institution. Universities in Nigeria usually run a four-year accounting programme, after which it highly recommend you acquire professional certification. Without being certified by any of the recognized bodies (ICAN, ANAN, CIMA and ACCS), you would not be able to practice accounting professionally or at the very least, you would not be able to practice at a reputable company.
Highest Paid Jobs In Nigeria, And Their Roles

  • Lawyer

How Much Do Lawyers Earn?

Although it is arguably not as financially rewarding as it was at some point, Nigerian lawyers still earn enough money to place them in the upper middle class of the society. The monthly salary of Nigerian lawyers in standard firms falls between N150,000 to N1,100,000.

What is the Role of a Lawyer?

A lawyer, also known as an attorney, barrister, notary and counselor, provides legal advice and assistance, acts as prosecutor or defense attorney in court, gathers relevant information, prepare legal documents (wills, contracts, wills and so on).

How to Become a Lawyer

The legal profession is very structured in Nigeria. So, to become a lawyer, you must first bag a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from any accredited university. The course runs for five years, after which you will spend a year at the Nigerian law school before you are become a certified member of the Nigerian bar.
Highest Paid Jobs In Nigeria, And Their Roles

  • Pharmacist

How Much Do Pharmacists Earn?

A fresh graduate of pharmacy commands a salary range of N120,000 to N180,000 per month.

What is the Role of a Pharmacist?

A pharmacist is a healthcare professional who specializes in the safe and productive use of medicines. Pharmacists dispense medicines and are charged with making sure that the medicine is legal and is prescribed with a suitable dosage; oversee the supply of medicine; give medical advice to patients and collaborate with other healthcare professionals to save lives.

How to Become a Pharmacist

If you want to pursue a pharmaceutical career in Nigeria, you would undergo a five-year education in any accredited university to earn Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm). After which you would proceed for a year internship and be inducted into the Pharmacist council of Nigeria.
Highest Paid Jobs In Nigeria, And Their Roles


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