“Hidden Life Rules That I Learned Too Late In Life”

1. Maintain your weight whilst your young. Not watching your weight will give you series of problem later on in life. Exercise and eat properly.

2. Dont be with someone who’s family do not like you. It is an everlasting battle that you will eventually lose.

3. You will not gain respect trying to please everyone. Stand up for yourself and always speak your mind.

4. Only share things when you are established. People are envious and will try to destroy your plans if you share too quickly.

5. Listen more than you talk.

6. Social skills are paramount for getting further in life. You must learn how to make solid connections.

7. Elders do not know it best

8. Confidence is more valuable than looks

9. Your family doesn’t always want the best for you

10. No one will values you until you hit it big.

11. Be careful with alcohol. It is addictive and very accessible, probably the worst drug out there.

These are just some of mine, feel free to contribute some of yours.

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