Here’s what Msaki has to say about Mac G’s Podcast and Chill

Here’s what Msaki has to say about Mac G’s Podcast and Chill

Msaki speaks about what she thinks of Mac G’s Podcast and Chill.

The platform has been slammed several times despite being the one of top podcasts in South Africa.

DJ Maphorisa and Cassper Nyovest have labeled it a platform for destroying celebs, but we’ve got other celebs who request to be on the podcast, an example is Black Coffee.

Msaki opened up about her life and music career in the recent episode.

Speaking about what she thinks of the space, she said:

“This is one of spaces that unflattens us, that whole project of decompressing ourselves to ourselves so that we can be caricatures, jpeg’s and memes, and we are reducing ourselves to like one word so that we share. Because if you think about compression, you can’t share anything that’s full or interesting or details. You have to compress it, it won’t go.”

“You can’t upload it on the internet it will say ‘your video is too heavy’ it is containing too much information about a person’s fullness. It reduces ubumntu bomntu, so if there’s a place where I come and say ‘eish I am hurt that happened or I a saying the reason why I write songs is this. You are providing a space that is doing the opposite of what technology is doing to us.”

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