‘Help! How Can I Get Some Yahoo Boys Living Opposite Me Arrested?’

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How Can I Get Some Yahoo Boys Living Opposite Me Arrested?

Good evening. Please I need information on how to get some Yahoo Boys living opposite me Arrested.

I live in a close. My house is inside another close. In fact it’s a close inside a close. You won’t even know people live there becos the close is kinda hidden.

These boys are a complete nuisance since they moved into the area. They have no respect for those living around.

They are always packing their Cars infront of my gate purposely to block me from coming out of my house.
They make a hell of Noise.
They behave like complete Touts and Agberos. You can’t even have a reasonable conversation with them. (So nobody should suggest that)
All they know is how to on generator from morning till night.
They live in a Flat where they pay about N400k and above.
The Landlord doesn’t live there.
When they throw party, it is the worst. They will block the entire frontage with their numerous cars leaving no place to pass.

In fact they are a complete nuisance. I dislike them with passion.

I mind my business in the area 100%. If i look at u and u dont look reasonable or behave well, I avoid u.

If they can mind their own business without infringing on other people’s right, we won’t have a problem at all.

I want to end it all once and for all becos they think I can’t do anything but I want to show them that my silence is not stupidity.

I need help on inviting the Law into this matter. If possible EFCC.

Thank you.

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