Heavy K – The game is no longer about talent

Heavy K – The game is no longer about talent

Heavy K accepts his fate after ranting on social media days ago.

The musician slammed those who disrespect and underrate him.

He spoke greatly of his early years in the industry and how he was the saviour of the South African music industry.

“I was exactly who I think was! What y’all forgetting I came with my own unique sound! that nobody could master! Even today I’m still the only one who has the recipe! I influenced the entire game! I changed the direction of the game! & sold platinums with CD’s,” K tweeted.

The Drumboss returned to Twitter, revealing that he has finally accepted that the SA music indsutry isn’t all about talent.

“I’ve made peace with it! This game ain’t no longer about Talent , learn the game & play it better than everyone else,” he wrote.

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