“Have You Dated A Big Girl Before? Here Is My Experience With Them”


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If you have dated a big girl before you will easily relate with this. Big girls is my term of the opposite of a big boy and not oloshos or Gold-diggers.

Here are my experience. I have dated a girl that has so many girls she called her children. she help them alot, like securing a job from her contact and as well as writing the application letters herself for them and arranging the cv.

She called me always and never flashed and it’s calls that runs into hours per day. I will even get tired and tried cutting the calls to discharge her.

I and some of my friend dated girls of this trait. It’s not that they have so much money but they have a niche for themselves. They do anty to your younger ones or girls around by taking them out or buying them stuff. Your family developed a feeling that this girl doesn’t want anything from you.


They will never allow you spend any money on them, they come to your house with cab. They will never follow you to a gathering where your friends spend money only on drinks and foods. And if it happens by accident they will pass the money to you to at least pay some of the bills.
She doesn’t like going out while others pay for her drinks.

They never collect transport or any money from you.

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