“Guys, Don’t Ever Date A Lady Going For NYSC. This Is Why” (Opinion)


NaijaChoice guys dont ever date a lady going for nysc this is why opinionNAIJACHOICEcomng
“Guys, Don’t Ever Date A Lady Going For NYSC. This Is Why”
If you have been with a lady that is so good and faithful and at a point in her life she tells you she’s going for NYSC, send her a termination letter.

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What you should know is that, no matter how faithful that your woman is, there’s one OG that will bring her to her knees.

It’s a pity a very good girl I admired so much suddenly gone bad, the way she carries her self; She’s actually a lost corper I found in the streets of Lagos. Her man calls her on video everyday while I’m on the other side of the bed.


This morning I told her I will not touch her again. I’m done, I feel bad for my brother on the other end.

There’s nothing like good girl or bad girl, it’s all about home training and self respect. But konji is never part of the home training and self respect will be put aside for few minutes reboot.


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