Gospel musician Malusi Mbokazi escapes death

Gospel musician Malusi Mbokazi escapes death

Gospel musician Malusi Mbokazi is full of gratitude after recovering from an illness that almost claimed his life in 2022.

He detailed the incident in a song he composed; the song called Ngimbonile featured on his upcoming EP, titled The Revival.

“I did a live recording and it was successful but after that, I was attacked by the illness that nearly claimed my life,” he said.

According to Daily Sun, Malusi said the doctors told him that his gallbladder was swollen and it frightened him because he believed gallbladder problem suggests death

“I noticed that my life was in danger. After all the difficulties I experienced, I decided to compose Ngimbonile, with the aim of praising God,” said Malusi.

Last updated on March 26th, 2023 at 06:42 am

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