Gap Teeth: A Reason For Disqualification For Bank Interviews


Gap Teeth: A Reason For Disqualification For Bank Interviews
Gap Teeth A Reason For Disqualification For Bank Interview

Pls there is this question bothering me for some times now. It has become a constant headache during and after every interview.
Is gap teeth in anyway an excuse interviewers use to disqualify people from any job, Most especially on banking jobs?

I have attended several interviews where I am convinced that i tried during the interview but unfortunately ended up not being shortlisted. I am beginning to think that my gap teeth might be a hindrance to all of my dream jobs…

Recent I applied for a Banking job, Service Executive to be specific where I got shortlisted for Aptitude test for three times. Latter on after some days i received an invite that i have been shortlisted for Virtual interview which was last week. Early this week I took part in the interview were i was told they will get back to me through mail.

Today i just got a reply that my experience, profile and presentation were remarkable but However, they regret to inform me that I was not recommended at the end of the interview session.

Without been told I already knew My open teeth is behind this again.
Pls help me out on this, if i should stop wasting my time, energy and money applying for jobs. Honestly I’m beginning to get depressed of all the emotional trauma.

The question is Should i stop applying for jobs like banks? Do I still have hope? How will I start imagine things when My age exceed their limit, knowing fully well that banks has limited age range.

Pls help a brother before depression will weigh me down. Below is the screenshot of the message i got from the recruiters and my gap teeth



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