“First Date And She Refused To Come To The Cool Place I Suggested” Advice Needed

6 Things Ladies Should Never Do On A First Date

“First Date And She Refused To Come To The Cool Place I Suggested”

Hey guys.

I will be brief. So, I met a girl in church and one thing led to another and we exchanged contacts. We been chatting and talking ever since. I can tell she likes me a lot as she’s always calling me on WhatsApp call and video calls.

So, we fixed our first date to be today. Told her I will call her by 4pm to give her the venue. I decided for us to hang out in a popular eatery close to my area. The place is quite busy on Sundays with lots of guys and babes coming around for dates and to chill.

They usually have live band too with good meals and all other things.

Called babe by 4pm as I promised and gave her the location and she refused coming there. I even offered to pay for tfare even though I knew that that’s not the reason but she wasn’t having any of it. Initially, she said that she hasn’t gone there before but wouldn’t want to go there either. Pressing forward, babe gave a new funny excuse that her village people usually come to that venue . Like WTF . Granted, she’s from the town but how will someone know that her village peeps goes to a place if you haven’t been there before.

Ofcourse i stood my ground and the date had to be cancelled. She’s been chatting me and I haven’t replied yet.

To the question, does it make sense for a lady to choose for a guy where to take her especially on a first date? Who wouldn’t want to hangout in a popular relaxation spot if he/she doesn’t have anything to hide? Anyways, I had to take two plates of goat peppersoup from my budget and a chilled Heineken beer to watch my Arsenal team mumu themselves, by the way. I can’t come and kill myself on top my own money too

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