“Every Guy Likes A Thick Lady, But Only A Few Like Skinny Girls & Here’s Why”


“Every Guy Likes A Thick Lady, But Only A Few Like Skinny Girls & Here’s Why”

I’m writing on the reasons why majority of men prefer thick women to skinny women.

First of all, if you are a man and you are reading this article right now, I will like to ask you, do you prefer a curvy lady or a skinny lady?

I know most of y’all will go for thick but only a few will say they like skinny girls, and the rest don’t really care, all they care is give them a beautiful girl and that would do, lol.

So before I dive into this, I’d like to ask the women reading this, do you prefer being thick or skinny?

Ok let’s go.

3 reasons why majority of guys like thick girls

Well when I say thick I don’t mean just thick, duh! I also mean beautiful and curvy so that also applies to thick (beautiful and curvy too but not slim).

Here are the 3 major reasons why most guys prefer thick women to skinny women:

1) They are presentable
Thick girls are presentable, but what do I mean by this? I mean that guys love the idea that their women can go places with them and not be looked down upon, that’s some guys minds for you, lol.

2) They are competitive
When men go out with their friends they want it to be that they can brag about their women looks, their shape etc. They want to always feel like their women are better or can be comparable with the other girls.

3) Some men don’t think Skinny girls are a catch

Most skinny girls are really beautiful it’s just that men have their eyes on something else.

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