Energy Drinks should be Banned from Students – My Opinion

Energy drinks contain high percentage of sugar, caffeine or another stimulant mostly consumed during or after sporting activities as a way of overcoming weariness.

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However energy drinks induce more harm than good to health thusly should be prohibited in all schools due to the presence of excess sugar and caffeine which reduces insulin sensitivity. Energy drinks are dangerous stimulants that trigger addiction and severe health issues like diabetes, kidney stone development, bowel cancer, insomnia, muscle twitches, stomach irritation and restlessness.

It is proposed that students should instead cultivate the practice of consuming water or healthy smoothies like Avocado & strawberry smoothie, banana honey & hazelnut smoothie, creamy mango & coconut smoothies and be restricted from taking caffeinated products and energy drinks containing caffeine.

Usually students consume energy drinks for all night studying; to avoid drowsiness and boost their performances, studies has shown energy drinks can improve your focus because it stimulates the nervous system resulting in dehydration and severe complications.

Student athletes assume they will be energetic and have high performances if they consume energy drinks, yes! It can help with all that but there will be increase in the frequency of insomnia and nervousness following the competition.

Adults are also cautioned to consume 400 milligrams of caffeine a day, taking four to five cans a day may lead to high blood pressure,energy drinks are not healthy for you , the have zero health benefits and note that they are not meal replacement.


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