Emtee – “Every girl I’ve been with did me dirty”


Emtee – “Every girl I’ve been with did me dirty”

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Emtee is heartbroken about his past relationship with women.

Taking to Twitter, the rapper who is processing his divorce from his wife, Nicole Chinsamy revealed that all of the women he has dated or been involved with have done him dirty, including cheating on him.

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“Every girl I ever dated or been involved with did me dirty/cheated. Yes,” he exclaimed.

The tweet garnered lots of reactions, as some could relate with him, while a few others expressed curious, wanting more about the story he’s started.

We’re unsure if Nicole is among these women, but Emtee has definitely given up on his marriage with her, despite being pregnant with their third child.

Some days ago, he expressed his disappointment in her; saying that she went as far as lying and opening a case of assault against him.

“On 03/03/2023, I opened a common assault case under domestic violence against my husband Mthembeni Ndebele. He was arrested on 08/03/2023. Therefore, I hereby wish to withdraw the charges against Mthembeni Ndevu. I forgave him for the sake of my kids,” reads the statement.

Last updated on June 5th, 2023 at 05:48 am

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