Elon Musk Is Building A 5″8 Feet Tall Lifelike Human Tesla ROBOT Next Year (Video)


ELON Musk is working on a Tesla robot that looks like a human – and will perform “boring or dangerous tasks”.

The lifelike droid will stand 5ft 8in tall, and weigh in at a terrifyingly realistic 125lbs.

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Musk revealed plans to build the Tesla Bot – nicknamed Optimus – next year.

And he said it would be able to perform menial tasks.

These could include picking up your groceries, or even helping to manufacture cars – wrenching bolts at Tesla HQ.

A screen would appear in place of a face, with the droid being controlled by an artificial intelligence system.

“We have almost all the pieces needed for humanoid robots,” said Musk in a Twitter post.

“Since we already make robots with wheels.”
Musk’s Tesla cars already have an Autopilot software powered by AI.

This allows them to navigate roads without driver input – and similar systems could be used for a robot.

Musk said he’s also keen to keep costs down, so that the Tesla Bot is a realistic alternative to human labour.

“It’s intended to be friendly,” the billionaire explained.

“And navigate through a world built for humans.

“And eliminate dangerous, repetitive and boring tasks.”

It sounds terrifying and dystopian, but Musk says that the machine will be designed at a “mechanical level” to not terminate us all.

“You can run away from it, and most likely overpower it,” Musk reassured spectators at the Tesla AI Day.

He said the main advantage of the robot will be to limit menial tasks.

“I think essential in the future, physical work will be a choice,” Musk explained.

“If you want to do it, you can.”


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