Do you know? Nigeria Laws Only Applies To The Poor But Favour’s The Rich


Nigerian Armed Robbery Kingpin Killed In Capture Operation By Ghana Police


Nigeria Law’s Is A Scam! It Only Applies To The Poor

I came accross something today on the internet which baffles my mind alot and i think it needs to be discussed here on NaijaChoice.


Its about the law here in nigeria, we hear alot about the saying that ” Everyone Is Equal Before The Law” my brothers and sisters its a pure lie and its just a saying to oppress the poor.

Back to that bloodied day 20-10-20, it was a day that can never be forgotten in the history of nigeria, as many lives was wasted all because they are performing their duties as a citizen.

Court Orders CBN To Unfreeze Accounts Of 20 #EndSARS Protesters

Imagine lending your voice out peacefully without causing any form of fighting nor misunderstanding and also following the Covid-19 protocols meanwhile the best thing those who we call our leaders could do is to give orders to the millitary’s to release fire on the citizens, in a country where i pledge to always be faithful, loyal and honest and to also serve with all my strenght.

Its so sad that till date we still havent heard anything about who ordered the shooting on the citizens, because to my own understanding i dont think the millitary’s can take such decisions without getting any order from above or is it done anywhere?

The funniest part is that the central bank of nigeria was able to locate and block the bank accounts of all the peaceful protesters, is it not funny? 😁 now tell me if the government can get the details of all the protesters please why is it difficult for them to get the Hoodlums that came to disrupt the peaceful protest, which was very obvious because it was seen in videos how the hoodlums left in a black range-rover car.

Now lets talk about the present, recently we all heard the Toll Gate will be opened again. Yeah i also thought it was actually not going to happen but it did happen.

Black Tuesday: 49 Killed As EndSARS Protests Turn Bloody Across Nigeria

So those lives that were wasted at the toll gates are gone just like that? Without no any form of concern to the government, and the best thing that four eyed-man could do is to open the toll gate? What a cruel being.

Yes its true, no one was in support of the opening of that Toll Gate, but we are all scared of been killed again just like it had happened before that was why we never took it up as a serious issue.

But still out of everyone we were able to get few strong youths that believed they are actually fighting for the right thing and they had a protest but still the very best thing the four eyed-man knows how to do is to attack (i wonder how long he will live on this earth) the peacefull protesters including Mr Macaroni were arrested, maltreated, even hancuffed why? Are they criminal? ThIS IS NIGERIA.

ALSO:Police Arrest Mr Macaroni At Lekki Tollgate

Now to my main discussion for today, its about a politician called Rochas Okorocha, He is a Nigerian Senator and former Imo State Governor.


Auto Draft

Okorocha was arrested after he broke into an estate belonging to his wife which was sealed by the state government.

Rochas Okorocha was arrested on Sunday 21st February 2021 after unsealing Spring Palm Estate linked to his wife, Nkechi.

NaijaChoice FB IMG 16140185086052901

The thing baffling me now is that, due to the saying “Everyone Is Equal Before The Law” its not applied to this man issue, why? Because he is a former governor? Or because he is rich or what?.

This man was treated VIP under the law, infact he was outside the police station chilling, he even cross legged seff πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

See photos;
NaijaChoice FB IMG 16140185112014992

E shock you? This Is Nigeria where law aint equal on everybody, law is only effective on the poor ones. now you can see how sad this is?.

I never finish ooo, more to come. Do you also know this man was released within the next 24hrs which does’nt applies to everyone only few can relate to this, nigerian police will hold you down for days and still collect money for bail.

Okorocha was released on a wavy level πŸ˜‚πŸ˜, he already has a booked flights out of the states even before his realease, it was so sweet coming out of the station and entering your booked flight out of the states…

See Photo;
NaijaChoice FB IMG 16140185138348735

Is there anything left for me to say? Just see things for yourself. I REST MY CASE HERE πŸ™

IF ANYONE TELLS YOU EVERYONE IS EQUAL BEFORE THE LAW, Please Share The Person The Little Experience You Got Here

Your Coments Are Welcomed… Have a nice day



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