“Do you have family?” Zodwa Wabantu exposes her pantless derriere


“Do you have family?” Zodwa Wabantu exposes her pantless derriere

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Zodwa Wabantu reacts after being dragged for showing off her pantless derriere in a new video.

The entertainer broke to fame years ago due to her signature of dancing pantless in public places.

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It appears she’s back to being pantless days after it was reported that she’s broke.

The new video posted on her Instagram account irked a user who questioned if she has a family.

“Do you have family? Where are you from? I don’t think you’re from this earth you getting out of hand. You’ll think you’re making people happy on the other side they’re saying this one is mad imagine your kids will see this when they grow up,” the critic wrote.

In response, Wabantu says she doesn’t care.

@bosschiwoz I don’t care about people, Family I support them,” she replied.

A few days ago, Zodwa Wabantu slammed reports of being broke.

“Yes, I will admit that the bookings are not the same. But this is because of the economic climate. Everyone is struggling, and the cost of living has gone up. But for me, it is because I have chosen to invest my money and more of my time edlozini. Everything I do these days is to appease idlozi,” she said.

Last updated on June 7th, 2023 at 05:13 pm

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