“Deity Has Chosen Me As The Next King Of Our Community” – Please Advice Me

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I Was Chosen As King: Should I Damn The Consequence Or Forget About It Entirely?

….Good morning folks. Sure we are all good and managing the effects of pandemic well?. To God be the glory.

This is going to be long because I will want us to read and understand it very well before commenting. Reason is because any decision taken is going to affect both myself,my immediate family members, extended and the entire community.

I have been thinking about the way forward since December last year.

It happened that we lost our king (Eze) 5years ago and the community has been in turmoil due to the inability of the elders to select a new king.

Reason is that it is rotational between my village and the other village.

My village is now supposed to bring out the next king and my compound has been told to bring out somebody to be crowned as a king.

I never envisaged or dreamt of becoming a king in my life because.
(1) My father is still alive.
(2)I’m not the most senior in the entire family.

But then,the elders met me last December and told me that the diety in the community has selected me to become the next king and that I have to pick another wife from the community before I will be crowned.

I told them point and blank that the oracle is mistaken due to the reasons I mentioned above but they are not taking it.

Now everyone in my village is against me for refusing the offer and saying I’m doing it be cause I don’t want to hurt my wife which is true.

Now my question is,What do I do?
Should I damn the consequence and pick another wife and be crowned a king in other to make my community happy or should I forget about the whole idea entirely and allow the community sort themselves out?

I’m confused here. N B. My wife is aware of all this.


Please bring this to front page cause I’m no longer myself. So many sleepless nights and selfish advices from the elders in my community. I really need to hear the truth from people I don’t know.

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