Dear Husband, Your Wife Deserves An Accolades


Revealed! How To Identify Husband Material



■Your wife wakes up by 4am, begins to do home chores; bathe the kids, makes breakfast, sweeps the house, serves breakfast by 7am.


■ Leaves for work by 8am. Comes back by 5pm so tired, Starts taking care of the children again, home chores again.

■Starts cooking; and help kids with their homework while cooking.

■ But you just come back from work , go to parlour watching football and reading newspaper while playing with your smart phone, sometimes even chatting with other chicks behind her back.

■She serves food by 7pm, and you open your mouth to eat and sometimes complain of excessive or lacking condiments.

■After that, she retires to prepare the children to sleep then wash the dishes and prepare a lunch box for you to take with when going to work next day.

■And in the middle of the night, you want her to satisfy you fully on your matrimonial bed😅😥😥😥


▪ With which Strength?
▪ Is your Conscience faulty?

■DADDY If you want your wife to give you her best at night, help her in the day. She is not a donkey.

■For crying out Loud you are ONE. In as much as she is multitasking, that doesn’t mean she’s not to be assisted by you. Don’t try to make it look like you paid her bride price for multi tasking sake.

■Gentlemen please don’t take it personal…
All I want is for you to think deep and find out why she always complain of being tired.

■And if its because of the work she do, help her and meet her halfway if you cant then hire a maid. Because she is also a human like you and she gets tired like you do.





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