“Davido never messaged me” – Heidi Adeleke’s Mother addresses the leaked chats of Davido threatening her daughter

Singer, 's mother-in-law has addressed the leaked chat about threatening her daughter, Heidi for attacking .

Sina Rambo's mother-in-law had leaked a chat between Davido and another part, where he threatened to deal with Korth for attacking Chioma.

In a post on her Instagram page, Queen stated that Davido wasn't the one who sent the chat to her, but his cousin Sina Rambo. The singer had chatted with his cousin and had threatened to deal with his wife for taking a swipe at his wife, Chioma.

Despite the clarification, Korth's mother is still, maintaining her stance on why Davido should be threatening Heidi for no reason. Queen Korth added that Davido should be held responsible if nay harm comes on her daughter.

“For those of you saying I posted an old chat I'd like to make it clear to all that Davido did not send me that screenshot or ever chatted with me. His cousin Sina Rambo sent his chat with his cousin Davido to my older brother yesterday and it was forwarded to me.
I and my daughter do not have any problems with Davido or his wife. I'd like to know when my daughter mentioned Chioma in any of her post in a negative way. And why will Davido in his chat with Sina Rambo yesterday make him day he will deal with Sina's wife who is my daughter?

That is threat to my daughter's life and I won't keep quiet. I have problem with Sina Rambo and his sisters which I kept quiet for a certain reason not with anyone from David's side of his family. I repeat the screenshot message between the both cousins was sent from Sina Rambo. I repeat my daughter and I have no problems with Davido and his wife. I will not sit back and let anyone threatening my daughter if anything happens to my daughter Heidi Korth. I want the whole world to know Davido should be held responsible”

Last updated on March 26th, 2023 at 07:24 am

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