“Could It Be Spirit Husband Or My Ex After My Life?” – Please Help


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“Could It Be Spirit Husband Or My Ex After My Life?”

I fell sick six months ago and almost died. I was taken to some places but got worst. So later I was taken to church where they did deliverance for me. Then I got better. I didn’t get better totally but gradually. Till date I still experience the sickness but not like before.


But I remembered when I was still very sick, my sister told me a pastor explained to her that the attack is coming from a guy who is angry with me and I have to make amends. I didn’t really bother about it since I was getting better.

I broke up with my ex around last year when we quarreled. When I found out he is a cultist. I told him never to call me anymore. We were planning to get married next year but when I found out he is a cultist I ended it and it caused a lot of confusion btw our families but at the end they respected my decision and we part ways. Weeks later he called me and said he was really hurt bla bla…

Fast forward to when I was sick. I discovered when I was sick and recovering… I dream about him a lot even without thinking about him but I didn’t take it as anything.

Then recently I decided to go to MFM church for a week deliverance to be totally free from this affliction… I fasted for a week and prayed but on the last day, the prayer was about spirit husband and behold I fell and started screaming “No No”… I was rolling up and down scattering everything.. A lot of pastors came to my side praying but I was still screaming” no no” “she belongs to me”.

Then when I came back to my senses “the pastor called me and told me I still need much fasting and deliverance session because there must have been a strong covenant for him to say no” . Then he asked me about my past lifestyle. I told him I was worldly then and the only boyfriend I had that lasted long I broke up with him. Then he started praying for me and telling me to say I break every covenant with that guy and behold I was feeling very uncomfortable and shaking then I stopped.

.. After that he prayed for me and told me when the church reopens I should come back for the deliverance cuz the church is currently locked because of the corona issue…..


When I went back home I decided to pray about this guy again but I was still feeling very uncomfortable like I was going to faint then I stopped but then I began to recall everything about my ex.. I could remember he told me we should have a covenant then but I refused … Then he told me to promise him I won’t ever leave him.. I did and he also promised and that was all. Again I remembered he called when I was very sick, he greeted me fine and asked if the sickness caused some spots on my body I said no and then the day the pastor told me to pray about breaking covenant with him, my ex called me that very day to ask me how am doing.

But now am really confused right now. Have prayed about witches and wizards to leave me alone but still am not totally free and now am beginning to think towards my ex direction…

Could he be responsible for this and what about the spirit husband stuff cuz during the time I was sick I dreamt about someone having S3x with me and me breastfeeding a baby in the dream.

And when the pastor called me again he said he saw a stretch on my life and he doesn’t know where it is coming from that I really need to pray and gave me some prayer books.

Then I called the pastor my sister went to and asked him. He told me the attack is coming from a guy that he is very angry and because a covenant was made and I need to make amends cuz I was ungrateful to him. I was totally confused.

Am so confused and tired of everything right now how is my ex anyway connected to spirit husband.



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