Checkout The List Of Bitter Kola Side Effects

Checkout The List Of Bitter Kola Side Effects
Have you heard about the disadvantages of bitter kola? Of course, the product has a lot of health benefits, but if you abuse it, it can cause some problems. Read on to see the list of side effects and find out how to avoid them.


  • Bitter kola can cause of mouth cancer. According to researches chewing kola nuts can lead to mouth or gastrointestinal cancer.
  • Bitter kola contains quite a big amount of caffeine, that is why eating too much of this product can be quite unhealthy. So you should be careful with the amount of the eaten nuts. The product can be especially dangerous for people with cardio problems.
  • Bitter kola can lead to glaucoma. An excessive amount of bitter kola nuts can be harmful. But if you eat a small number of nuts, it can prevent glaucoma.
  • Bitter kola is not beneficial for those who suffer diabetes. It is another one among side effects of bitter kola related to the presence of caffeine in the product. The caffeine can lead to an incorrect sugar level in your body, so it is better to be careful with this product.

Checkout The List Of Bitter Kola Side Effects

  • Bitter kola can worsen diarrhea. If you eat an excessive amount of nuts when you have some problems related to diarrhea, it can make the situation even worse. Don’t underestimate the possible problems that can come if you abuse bitter kola.
  • Bitter kola slows blood clotting. The product can lead to problems with blood clotting if it is eaten in a big amount. If the person has some bleedings, the bitter kola can worsen the situation. It is also advisable to avoid bitter kola after surgeries.
  • Bitter kola can even cause anxiety. Stay away from this product if you have some problems with stress and anxiety. The nuts contain a number of components that can cause some unstable psychological state.


There are advantages and disadvantages of bitter kola, and the effect of this product on your body depends only on the way you consume it. The doctors advise to eat not more than two nuts a day. Keep a moderate level in consuming the product to avoid some health problems.
Checkout The List Of Bitter Kola Side Effects
Many people know about the benefits of these nuts. Sometimes it become a reason for its abuse and this is the point when the problems may start. If you eat this product in a reasonable amount, it will provide your body with such benefits:

  • The product increases fertility;
  • It can help in curing fibroids;
  • Bitter kola can be helpful in supporting your gastrointestinal health;
  • The nuts are often used for weight loss;

These are just several examples, the list of benefits can be much longer, but it only depends on your awareness in consumption.

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