Challenges Of Being A Man In Our ‘Modern’ Society


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Challenges Of Being A Man In Our ‘Modern’ Society

Every time I keep wondering if the society is ready for what is coming in a short while. People keep pushing that a man must not hit a woman, no matter what, which is a good thing by the way.


They come all out for you when you do, but smile and make jest when a woman hits or abuse a man in public.

Some will call the man a weakling for not fighting back. The best he will get from some folks is being called a ‘real man’.

Real men don’t hit women, which isn’t a bad phrase. How about ‘real women’ ever thought of that? He dare not retaliate.

You hear the regular clichΓ© “oga leave am na woman” and women already know this and they are taking full advantage of it.

Women often rain abuses on men in public at the slightest misunderstanding and often take up a notch by charging towards men with the intention of physically abusing them.


They cry fowl and play the victim when the man resist or fight back knowing they will get sympathizers. He will go home traumatized even for days to come.

Even in the so called developed countries for example, a woman’s statement is admitted as true until you have a hard evidence to counter it.

Over there lots of men are already scared of getting married because they can lose all they worked for all their life in one twist of event with their wife.

Guess that’s what gave rise to the growing trend of baby mama/daddy. Instead of pushing a biased ideology that obviously favours one gender, isn’t it better to push a holistic ideology that says no body should hit another cos we are all humans.

We feel hurt the same way irrespective of gender. After all what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

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