Cassper Nyovest responds to Patrick Shai for insulting his mother and family


NaijaChoice Cassper offers Slik Talk 100K to fight him in a


Cassper Nyovest took to his social media to respond to Patrick Shai after calling him out to insult his mother and family by calling him “son of a b*tch” while challenging him to a boxing ring.

The man took to his social media to record a video of himself saying he does not want to die without fighting Cassper.

He has requested a fight saying that he wants to “bleksem” Cassper Nyovest.

Not knowing what could’ve triggered him to have been saying that but he is quiet adamant that he will “Bleksem” him.

In the video, he said that “Before I die I want to make sure that I’ve beaten you so that on my Tombstone it’s written that old man really gave me a beat down”.

Furthermore called him a “Son of a bitch” which was a trigger word to Cassper as he always gets insults regarding his family.

He allegedly has a drinking problem which might have led him to do this video in order to gain clout and of course trend, also receive relevance in the process.

Cassper Nyovest responded by saying: “Who the fuck is that old man and why is he calling my mom a bitch? Why does my family have to be disrespected like this yo? Fuck this is too much now!!! God I can’t do this anymore, I need your help. If there’s one thing is regret about my fame is how my family has been disrespected by strangers. I try so hard to be about my own business but it’s always shit like this and I have to keep it moving to protect my brand cause brands will never understand. This is too much man.”

The star also said that the insult was way too much and he is tired of people disrespecting him.

South Africans are fuming and a few are disappointed in Patrick Shai for calling Cassper such a name.




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