Cassper Nyovest labels Patrick Shai a “clout chaser” following his apology


NaijaChoice Cassper Nyovest labels Patrick Shai a clout chaser following his




Cassper Nyovest has labeled Patrick Shai a clout chaser after apologizing for insulting his mother and family in a recent video.

The veteran actor swallowed his words on Monday after receiving backlash for mentioning Cassper’s mother in his promo video challenging the rapper to a boxing match.

β€œBefore I die I want to make sure that I’ve beat you so that on my tombstone they can write this is the man who beat Caster or Costa or whatever your sh*t name is … Come you son of a b*tch,” Patrick said.

The rapper went on to say that he was tired of his family constantly being dragged on social media.

β€œIf there’s one thing is regret about my fame is how my family has been disrespected by strangers. I try so hard to be about my own business but it’s always sh*t like this and I have to keep it moving to protect my brand cause brands will never understand. This is too much man.”


In the early hours of today, he shared a video apologizing to Cass for using strong words against him.

Cassper responded to his apology saying that Patrick was merely using his name to trend on social media.

β€œThese are some weird times yo. When everyone runs of out of ideas to trend they just think β€˜Cassper Nyovest’,” he wrote.



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