Bimbo Afolayan celebrates her husband, Okiki Afolayan’s birthday in a unique way

Bimbo Afolayan celebrates her husband, Okiki Afolayan's birthday in a unique way

Nollywood actress , in honor of her husband, Okiki Afolayan’s birthday today, has recounted how he saved her from falling and failing.

The mum of two revealed that her selfishness almost cost her a lot until her husband, who was then her friend, gave her a huge advice.

He told her to keep it slow, do things one at a time and she would be able to build her empire. Fast forward to now, she has been able to accomplish alot which she doesn’t make public.

Penning an appreciation post to her husband, Okiki Afolayan, she declared her undying love for him.

“Here is a short one. Some years ago about 6 to 7 years I was going for everything, no slowing down. I was being selfish about so much, I wanted to do this and that. I was falling and failing.

Then my husband who was my sweet friend then said something to me, he said bimbo slow down. Do it one at a time and you will build the empire you have dreamt of. Do these and that. No rush and trust me you will be good.

Then boom: fast forward to this day, I am grateful go GOD for so much already.

So much that we can’t even bring to social media. Cheers to our new life babe. I am looking forward to every bit.

Growing & glowing with you I have dreamt alot of things. I am contented with everything GOD has given us. With you I am good all the time. With you I don’t want anything because you are my everything. You make everything so easy. God bless you baby.

Tomorrow is all about my darling husband @okikiafolayan. My favorite human. With you I need nothing because you are my everything. With you my world is complete. My very kind husband, you are so good to me. The father of my beautiful children.

You are my strength, My anchor, my everything. It may be your birthday baby but you are my greatest gift. I am s happy to be gifting old with you.

Happy birthday in advance to the best, most understanding and loving husband on earth”.

Last updated on March 12th, 2023 at 06:07 pm

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