‘Be Careful, Evil People Are Everywhere. My Experience’


'The Shocking Thing I Saw In My Father's Wardrobe! Should I Be Worried?'

Be warned: Do not pick any item on the ground for any stranger.

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One must be very careful of people.
We must be careful because evil people are looking for someone to use and make quick money.

The first few days I arrived Katsina state to start living, I didn’t know that people already observed I was new and that I was already a target.

I thought among many people, no one would really know/care that I was a new comer.

But evil people know you more than you ever think.

That was how I was coming on one lonely road. I was the only one on that road.

I saw a man standing afar off and was pointing to the ground that I should go back and carry something on the floor.

I looked and discovered that non of my items was missing, so it was not that my item fell down for him to be insisting I should go back and carry it.

But the man was insisting and was becoming desperate. He was getting angry and frustrated.

I didn’t understand the whole thing but I just kept walking which was towards the man.

When he knew I wasn’t going back to bring the item, he started walking towards the item, ie, he was walking towards the direction I was coming.

When he reached me, he said he wanted me to help him bring a cloth which was tied in a circular manner.

I just walked passed him while he walked over to pick up the item. It was then I saw the cloth, which I didn’t see when the man was pointing at it. I believe God closed my eyes from seeing the cloth so that I would not pick it for him.

Just at the nick of him picking his cloth, I turned to look at him, but he was no where to be found.

It seems like he suddenly disappeared immediately he picked his item because the road is still far and I would have seen him still walking.

I thank God that I didn’t really understand what the man wanted me to do because I would surely have picked the item to give to the man and who knows what would have become of me?

Maybe I would have disappeared.

I believe the man followed me from my area and when he saw I would enter the lonely road, he must have
quickly followed the other way and dropped the item, then went back to wait for me. This is the man I have never met from Adam, but like most evil people, he already knew me.

Infact, the very moment I turned and didn’t see the man, I knew on a high state of conviction that the man wanted to do me evil.

We must be careful because people are missing because some evil people want to make quick money.

Don’t think that nobody knows or cares about you. Of course, evil people care about you. They know you and they may have decided on which charms you would fit or what evil they may do you.

The first day you enter a new state, place or country, there are people whom you don’t know who know you and are already scheming things.

Evil people you have not ever seen already know you.

Many people have had numerous bad experiences with these evil people, so we must be very careful.

Just watch how some of them would come here and be blasting me, calling me names just for posting this.


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