BBtitans: “Ziyakhala Wahala” over Khosi, Yaya’s affair with Yemi

BBtitans: “Ziyakhala Wahala” over Khosi, Yaya’s affair with Yemi

The ‘ship’ life in the Big Brother Titans house took an interesting dimension on Tuesday night with Yaya seeming advances at Yemi who recently shared a kiss with a fellow housemate, Khosi.

Yemi, who is popular among fans for his good look, has started courting the admiration of the female housemates with Khosi being the first seeming admirer of the Nigerian.

Earlier in the day, both Yemi and Khosi could be seen sharing a kiss in bed in what heralded the first ‘unofficial’ ship in the house.

However, as predicted by many fans, another female housemate, Yaya seemed to be head over heels Yemi with scenes from the house showing a supposed flirtatious conversation between the duo.

Ensuing from the conversation was Yaya subtly asking Yemi for an eye contact by asking Yemi if he has a problem with making eye contact.

Fans have since reacted to the ‘brewing’ ship between the two housemates in what could possibly play up a love triangle, consequently setting up an interesting drama in the house.

@sissgugu: I’m not mad at this ship with Yemi and Yaya. Yaya is such a stunning babe! They look so good together.

@lebakeng47: Yemi actually feels nervous around Yaya. It’s so cute lol. #BBTitans

@DarkVelvet01: Yemi will go round like palliative. I like this guy. Getting to ‘know’ the ladies.

@NALEsLethabo: Yaya should hurry with this process of getting Yemi off khosi’s back, my girl needs a break from the +234 witches

@shallewally: Yemi is getting to know Yaya.

Didn’t Khosi tell him to excuse himself and go to the toilet whenever Yaya wants to spend time with him

This is about to get messy 😭

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