Andile Mpisane made me undergo DNA test – Sithelo Shozi

Andile Mpisane made me undergo DNA test – Sithelo Shozi

Sithelo Shozi claims Andile Mpisane demanded that she proved she is the mother of their two girls, Florence and Coco.

The DJ opened a case of kidnapping against her baby daddy and his mother, Shauwn Mkhize.

She said Flo was taken from her last year and she’s been relocated without her consent.

According to a 24-page affidavit, Sithelo revealed that she had to prove she is the biological mother of the girls, asides from the paternity test done on the girls.

“As if that was not enough, I was also summoned to undergo the DNA test. This was done to confirm if I am indeed the biological mother … I obliged”.

Shozi said she was faithful and loyal to Andile during their relationship, despite being abused.

“I had no qualms undergoing the DNA test. I was faithful and loyal to [Mpisane] during our relationship.

“What I objected to was the manner in which they approached it — it is unlawful to abduct the child and force us to undergo the DNA tests.”

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