‘An Elderly Woman Advised Me To Start Doing Yahoo Yahoo’

‘An Elderly Woman Advised Me To Start Doing Yahoo Yahoo’

There is something and I want to share here and I will like to hear your opinion about it.
'An Elderly Woman Advised Me To Start Doing Yahoo Yahoo'

There is this elderly woman in my neighborhood, I used to greet her very well and I know her children too.

One thing, I noticed is that, anytime I dress well and flashy, people do see me as a Yahoo boy and I don’t know why but I do tell them am not a Yahoo boy or ignore them.

So I was going out this morning I saw this woman and greeted her, she responded and started complimenting me, jokingly calling me a Yahoo boy. I told her straight and clear that I am not a Yahoo boy. That was when she started telling me Yahoo is not a bad thing, telling me one of her children does Yahoo for a living. She told me if blood is not involved, I am good to go.

I feel irritated and just walk away and start thinking, how bad have we gone this far that an elderly person will start advising me to do Yahoo and even aware her son is doing it and she is not even ashamed.

We are in a deep mess in this country!

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