After adding your song to AUDIOMACK, what else?


After adding your song to AUDIOMACK, what else?

90% of fast/upcoming music artists add his/her songs to audiomack after release, some go further buying AUDIOMACK robotic streams πŸ˜‚, yeah the streams are robotic (How can you have 7,000 Plays/Streams with 2 comments) that’s a story for another day.

Adding your songs to Audiomack should be the last thought on your mind when releasing your song on air, most of you guys lack promotional strategies, I’m not saying this because I am a blogger and an online music promoter, but as a concerned individual willing to put young artiste on the right path.

Audiomack is like a secret platform inwhich only a certain set of people have access to, “Those with the App”🀀, only those with audiomack app has access to your songs which are prone to limited users, not to be compared to a blog/website, your song on audiomack is limited to lot of career enhancing features, i will talk about the biggest of it “EASY SHARING”, this is like sharing your song using Bluetooth & Xender (these are the biggest way of transfering files easily without data consumption), not to be compared to downloading from a music website and sharing with friends easily.

Adding your song on a Blog/Website is like a free bird, it can get anywhere.
After the successful release of your song, your plan should be how to get your song on a Blog/Website (Music Blog), A music website will expose your song to unlimited amount of audience looking for good music to listen, your song will be downloaded and shared with ease. When adding your song on a website, make sure it is added on a reputable website, a music and entertainment website like NaijaChoice (

NaijaChoice is a music and entertainment website formed in 2016, and have published and promoted over 12,000 up/fast rising artiste songs in Nigeria and nearby Countries.

What are you waiting for?

Let’s get your songs to the right audience and at affordable price

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Am not writting this to condemn AUDIOMACK, see this as an Eye Opener.

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