African Mother (Short Story)

Mother-of-four Who Wanted One More Baby, Surprised After Giving Birth To Triplets (Photos)

AFRICAN MOTHERS’ DRAMA (Short and funny though)

Jade was Taiwo’s best friend and she came visiting, they started gisting in the living room while Taiwo’s mum sat in the verandah to enjoy fresh air. Both girls started gisting and laughing so loud.

Taiwo: Jade, before my wedding, I’d love to have premarital…
Taiwo’s mum: Premarital kinni? Ah, you this girl, is that what you are being taught in school? Ah, Jade can you listen to your friend? Premarital sex n’tori Olohun. Ah, my life, you this girl, your twin sister died some years back, leaving only you for your dad and I. (starts crying) Taiwo, you will kill me today, didn’t you read your Bible? Even the youth pastor will always say premarital sex is bad.
Jade: (mouth wide open in amazement) Mummy, it’s…
Taiwo’s mum: keep your mouth shut! (Cries) what do you want to say? Your friend is planning to have premarital sex before marriage and you’re here sitting and laughing. You people think I will not here? (sits on the floor and sobs)
Taiwo: Mummy, I was telling Jade that I need to have a premarital counseling before I get married because it’s necessary. I read a book some days ago and I took that decision. Mummy, please calm down o. (she sits up and faces the opposite direction)
Taiwo’s mum: Ehn ehn? But why can’t you make it clear? Do you want to kill me? (sobs)
Taiwo and Jade: (stands up to embrace her)
Taiwo: Mummy you need to start taking things easy ehn, I know what’s good and what’s bad for me, I won’t disappoint you.
Taiwo’s mum: (stands up and cleans her face) Okay my girls, continue your gist. I’m going back to the balcony to enjoy my fresh air and wait for my husband.
(Taiwo and Jade bursts into laughter)

I’m still trying to figure out some reasons why our African mothers are configured this way but they’re lovely I must say and they love us!

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