“Advice Needed: Is Going To The University Worth It Anymore?”


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Is Going To The University Worth It Anymore?

With the increased costs of going to the university, i am just wondering whether it is worth it any more. Stories about graduates struggling to find employment and with more and more alternative routes being developed, is it still worth getting a degree?


Is it true that there are so many graduates these days that employers are now looking for work experience?

Nowadays, it is the people that didn’t not go through the university that are employing graduates. #FACT

Graduates are no more getting jobs like before when university was university, after spending so much time, spending money just to learn, you later come back to square one in becoming a business owner. #FACT


Most people are getting jobs on what they didn’t even read in school just to earn a living.

Nowadays work that human beings are supposed to do, it being done by robots..

I am thinking of collecting my five years tution fees and also school hostel rent fee and course materials money from my parent to start up a business.

Is going to the university worth it anymore?



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