9 Ways To Become More Productive & Successful In 2022. Do You Agree?


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The year has just begun and it is an opportunity for us to make the best we can out of it. This same year, there are people that will acquire riches to themselves legitimately and conversely to others. These might be as a result of increase in their productivity and consequent increase in fortune.

Below, in no particular order, let’s discuss things that can help us become more productive and successful in 2022.

1. Commit the year to God
Although members of some religious organizations are already on it (cross over night service and January fasting) but being a member of this forum, I do come across comments from atheists and non-believers of Christ. While I don’t have any problem with whatever religious choices you have chosen for yourself, and let’s also forget about what biology teaches us. Truth is, whether you like it or not, you have a Maker, a Creator and that person rules over your destiny in life. In Christianity, our beliefs are in God Almighty and His son, Jesus Christ. We believe He blesses and prospers people with the efforts they put in their works. You would do yourself a great deal by committing the year to His hands and pray for His guidance, protection, breakthroughs and all needed to succeed in the year.

2. Be more serious with opportunities
If I had taken some opportunities I came across on the forum years back more seriously, today I would have been a far better person than I am. What opportunity is before you today either on Nairaland, online in general or offline, grab them and be more serious for a better productivity in the year.

3. Spend less time on social media
In fact, it is difficult to log out of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, Nairaland and the rest. Why? Because a lot are going on there that keep you scrolling and scrolling, from funny posts to funny videos, socio-political news updates and what have you. Indeed, very difficult to log out. You see? These are times if properly channeled into work, it will increase productivity and bring in more money. In a nutshell, spend less time on social media and spend more time at work.

4. Get more exercising
You need a flexible and physically fit body to be able to function properly and one of the ways to achieving that is by exercising. Do more exercising this year to enable you have the body that can guarantee you good performance at work.

5. Take care of your health needs
The simple adage is that, “health is wealth”. That is very true. When you are unhealthy, chances are that you will not be able to function properly at work or even aspire to make money and be productive. This is why you need a healthy body. Whatever are your health challenges, you’ll be more productive if you fix them as you prepare for the tasks ahead.

6. Stay out of trouble

I have nothing much to type about this. We all already know troubles only ruin, and never build. Police cases, court cases, feud within family, neighbourhood, office, business and anywhere else, avoid them completely.

7. Build more connections
A tree they say cannot make a forest and the thickness of a forest is determined by the number of trees it has. This simply tells you that you need as many connections as possible for a better productivity in the year. What are your areas of engagement? Try to make more connections with those in the same industry as you and even beyond. These connections will build you and help you become more productive in the year.

8. Be more aggressive in job hunting
This one goes directly to applicants and aspiring entrepreneurs. So when I say job hunting, I mean both those seeking employment and those aspiring to become self-employed. In general, be more aggressive. For example, if you had sent out over 100 applications last year and nothing yielded, send over 300 this year and chances are that, you will get what you aim for. Same thing applies to those seeking investors/financiers for their business proposals.

9. Have a set goal
While you are not to entertain complacency in any form, however, even if you are unable to achieve the set goal at the end of the year, it must have inspired you to striving to achieve greatness unlike where no goals are set.

You are free to add yours.

Once again, I wish us all a very productive and successful year, 2022.



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