8 cheap items that add fabulosity to your outfit


Who said that you need to rob a bank to ace that look, who said that you can only look fabulous in that designer tee? Never said a person fashionably woke.
8 cheap items that add fabulosity to your outfit
You can actually kill that look with a few accessories and outfits at a throw away price from a local vendor.

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1. Sunglasses

The effect that sunglasses bring to one’s look and attitude is amazing. They add a splash of glamour, mystery and coolness to ones look. Let’s not forget hiding dark eye circles and other blemishes. They come in different shapes and shades. It is upon you to choose what matches your look. You could get them at pocket friendly prices around town.

2. Hair extensions

Hair extensions save you time and money. Getting your hair done by a stylist every now and then can be pretty expensive. Hair extensions are an easy way to glam up your look and you can wear it in different styles. With the different options for extensions, you can find one at an affordable cost and be sure to glam away.

3. Belts

You want to add a statement to your look, simply add a belt. A belt will transform your look from bland to glam all while still remaining very functional. You can consider getting a belt with a decorative buckle or an outstanding design. Belts will most definitely make your waist look smaller giving you that curvy look.

4. Silk scarfs

Scarfs can be multifunctional, they can be used to tie hair in a fun classy way. They can also be used as a neck piece instead of a necklace and other times, it can be tied on the waist as a belt. Silk scarfs give a sophisticated classy look and you can get yourself one for low amount.

5. Hats

As much as they look amazing, hats also prevent sunburn. Hats come in different styles, shapes and colors. For a classy look, a fedora hat will look great. For that classy look, go for bucket hats. Find the right color for you and remember to always consider the occasion.

6. Brooches, pins and pocket squares

These statement accessories take your suit outfit from a five to a solid ten. Brooches and pins are mostly used as fastenings but can also be worn as decorative accessories. They add a splash of colour and sophistication to the overall look.

7. Gloves

As much as they serve a functional value, they are also decorative. Long mid-arm leather, satin, silk or lace gloves are associated with royalty and sophistication. They give you an expensive and bossy look but are not necessarily expensive. However, remember to pair them with a matching outfit as they don’t necessarily go well with casual outfits.

8. Neckties

Neckties include cravats, detachable collars, bow ties and the usual necktie. A necktie will always complete your suit or official outfit. Neckties are a symbol of honor and nobility and also makes you look smart and confident. They are not as expensive as the suit, so why not get yourself a number of them in different shades and patterns?


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