6 ways to cut a toxic friend out of your life for good

6 ways to cut a toxic friend out of your life for good

6 ways to cut a toxic friend out of your life for good

When we were kids, we were taught about the basics of healthy friendships. Good friends share, they’re kind to one another and they lift each other up.

On the other hand, there are those toxic friendships that aren’t working out anymore. It hurts to admit that someone in your life isn’t healthy for you anymore and that you need to break up.

You should never underestimate the damage a toxic friendship can do. This can completely change your course in life and destroy your destiny.

It’s therefore your responsibility to make sure you’re surrounded with p

Acknowledge that things are not okay

When you’ve been friends with someone for a long time, it’s hard to admit that things are falling apart. Maybe you were even childhood friends so it’s definitely not easy to absorb the truth.

You need to look at the facts and understand that they’re not being a good friend to you, which is exactly why you’ve found yourself consulting this list of guidelines.

Put yourself first

A bad friendship can drain all the self-esteem and self-confidence you have. This is how toxic people manage to control you and guilt trip you into accepting their bad behavior.

Start training yourself on how to stand up for yourself so that you can eventually start a fresh without them.

Confront them

One of the biggest fears that bullies have is confrontation. They have a false sense of confidence which allows them to create the illusion that they’re more dominant than others.

Gathering the courage to confront them once and for all will actually boost your own confidence and from then on, you’ll realize that the world won’t end if you approach issues head on.

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