6 simple technique to make your child interested in learning


6 simple technique to make your child interested in learning


We always want our children to be good students who fare well in examinations.


Yet not all children are keen learners with the same excitement for studies as they have for other interests like sports.

At the same time, any student can be encouraged to study better by developing the basic aptitude for learning and by giving the right amount of motivation.

Here are some great, tried and tested techniques to help your child be more interested in learning.

1. You are a team!
Parents often make the mistake of judging their child’s performance from an external point of view. Instead, get involved by sitting with them while they are studying and refrain from being on your phone. Devise study goals together and celebrate all of their achievements. Once they feel that they are not alone and have you as their pillar of strength, they will be better motivated to do their best.


2. Regular reading habit
Reading is an integral part of learning. Along with improving their vocabulary, enhancing better comprehension of concepts and aiding in communication, extra-reading also boosts your child’s interest in academics. It is vital for you to surround them with books, read to them frequently, have them read aloud and even plan and execute a schedule for reading.

3. Focus on their learning
The brilliance of a learner may not always be reflected in their answer sheets. Your focus should be on how much and how well your child has learned rather than how much they have scored in the tests. Listening to them talk about their latest β€˜discoveries’ gives us a better idea of their interests that they can further pursue. It also creates a genuine interest in them to gain more knowledge along with chasing good grades.

4. Pervasive learning opportunities
Root out the notion that learning is limited to textbooks. Encourage your child to ask questions and learn from their everyday experiences. Remember not to be over-bearing, yet take up every opportunity to learn more with them and discover the unknown. Your enthusiasm for learning eventually resonates on the interest of your child.

5. Stay organized
Ensure that the study area is well-organized – it sets the right mood for concentration and to learn. A disorganized room, on the other hand, creates panic and stress, deviating from focusing on their lessons. Similarly, an organized study schedule assures systematic study, better results and reduces the chances of procrastination and workload.

6. Learning is fun
The best way to get your child to be interested in studies is to make it a pleasant experience. If they do not enjoy going to school, it is likely that they will end up hating studies altogether. It’s essential to promotes learning in a fun and enduring environment. The excitement for learning new things every day in a lively environment adds up to them becoming lifelong learners.



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