5 Ways To Get A Job Without Experience


5 Ways To Get A Job Without Experience

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5 Ways To Get A Job Without Experience

You need the experience to get a job but you need a job to get experience.

How do you get started if you are freshly out of college?

How do you start gathering experience if you have not worked in your area of specialization before and looking forward to working?

This article examines 5 ways to land a job without experience.

1. Do not shy away from the truth

The mistake most job seekers make is trying to be diplomatic about their lack of experience. The truth is irrespective of how much falsehood has been sold, honesty pays. If you don’t have the required experience for the job, don’t shy away from this. Construct a very catchy cover letter and be open about your lack of experience.

2. Focus on the things you have

Beyond not having the required experience, focus on the things you have. Experience matters but there are other things like the right kind of attitude, motivation, and resilience. All these are necessary to do a good job. Let what you have cover up for the things you don’t have.

3. Think through the experience you don’t know you have

Most time, we are too focused on the experience attached to the job that we ignore some experience we have. Think back to some little jobs you have done but did not count as experience. For instance, if you have ever organized a successful meeting before, this can be counted as an admin experience. Think deeply before you put down your lack of experience in your cover letter.

4. Get some experience

If you keep waiting to get a job before gathering experience, you might wait for too long. Brush up your level of experience by doing some voluntary work. An internship is a good place to start.

5. Get on platforms that can help you land your dream job.

Getting jobs without experience can be very difficult. To reduce your worry, get on as many professional platforms as you can.

Some of these platforms include Indeed, LinkedIn, and Bixex. Indeed is ideal for job vacancy notification. However, LinkedIn and Bixex do not just post the job openings, you get to meet professionals on the platform.


Opening an account on Bixex does not only position you to meet professionals but also helps you learn and grow.

Bixex also has different professional and educating communities. As a job seeker on Bixex, beyond connecting with business professionals, join communities, and promote yourself by sharing posts, articles, and engaging with other people’s posts. In no time, you would be sharing these tips with other job seekers.



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