5 Ways To Bounce Back From A Bad Day At Work


5 Ways To Bounce Back From A Bad Day At Work

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A Bad Day In The Office And How To Bounce Back

1. Don’t Take It Personally

Bad days at work can be caused by a number of things — but if your bad day was set off by someone else’s negativity, don’t take it personally. If someone else was angry, upset, stressed. frustrated, or just plain mean, it’s important that you not internalize their actions or behavior. Don’t bottle up how a bad day made you feel. Communicating how you feel to someone else can help you work through how you’re feeling, and it may also help to get feedback and perspective from an outsider.

2. Shake It Off and Don’t Take It Home

When work sucks, it’s all too easy to bring our stress and unhappiness home with us. To shake off a bad day, leave work at work. Try to establish an end-of-the-workday routine that helps signal the official end of the day. That way, when things don’t go so great, your mind still gets to process that work is over — and now it’s time to go home, relax, and do something that makes you happy.

3. Do Something That Makes You Feel Great!

Put an end to your bad day by seeking out things you know make you feel empowered, confident, and happy. That might mean doing a yoga routine when you get home. Maybe you can grab your favorite book and a glass of red wine and treat yourself to a quiet evening in. Or if you’re extroverted, you may get your energy back by taking someone on a coffee date.

Just make sure you engage in healthy habits. You won’t bounce back from a bad day if you overindulge in food or alcohol, and having an hours-long TV binge likely won’t make you feel better. You need to bring yourself back up — not sedate yourself with activities that keep you sedentary and disengaged.

4. Vent or Rant if You Need To

And of course, sometimes you just need to vent and rant. That’s okay! Get it all out, but put a time limit on the complaint session. Moan and whine for 10 minutes. Then be done, move on, and do something that makes you happy.

5. Evaluate What Happened

Hopefully, one or more of these strategies can help you bounce back after a bad day at work. But before you move on and put everything behind you, take a moment to reflect on what didn’t go so great. If you can evaluate what went wrong, you can better understand how to avoid doing the same thing in the future.


This will help you be proactive, rather than reactive — and you may be able to prevent a bad day from derailing your week before it even happens.


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