5 Things Every Job Seeker Should Know Before Starting Job Search


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Want to begin a job search? Great, you’d be stepping into the shoes of employees who went through this phase. As ever, it’s often a thrilling experience with some fun, and moments in which you’d consider giving up. However, there’s nothing quite like being prepared.

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The saying that “knowledge is power” rings true even with job searches. As such, this article will help you know a few important things before embarking on a job search. To wit…

1. A Winning CV Is Key

A winning CV in the sense that it packs all the necessary information, and conveys your strengths, and achievements. Also, standards for CV’s change regularly. Ensure your CV keeps up with such changes. For instance, you could have a CV without your qualifications stated ten years ago. This is not the case now, especially with employers keen on professional skills. Along with a unique style, make sure your CV is always updated.

2. Getting Hired Depends On Your Interviewing Skills

It’s one thing talking with friends, and quite another facing a panel of interviewers. Things can get awry fast. What you want to do is prepare for interviews especially if they’re of a professional nature.

Work on getting comfortable, speaking without sounding shallow, and making eye contact with who’s in front of you. Practice, they say, makes perfect. Unless you have an uncommon knack for talking in any given situation, get a quiet place and practice. Better yet, you can have your friend help you out by role playing.

3. Your Social Media Presence Counts

The Internet has made the world an even smaller place. Thanks to a plethora of social media platforms that enhance connections. Having a social media account or several isn’t bad. However, if you’re a job seeker, you want to limit the kind of information you send out. This is because recruiters use your online presence as part of a general evaluation. If you have questionable profiles, and contents, now is the time to delete them.

4. Knowing Your Potential Employers Can Make A Huge Difference

There’s something special about speaking to an employer on an even keel. You know a lot about their organization and how they work. However, this is only possible when you take out time to learn about them.

Having a great CV, the skills, and qualifications to back it up will serve you well. But the crown of it all is being knowledgeable about how the organization you want to work for operates. In fact, your CV and cover letter can be tailored after what you’ve learnt about them.

5. Do Not Underestimate The Power OF Networking

Large or small, everyone has a network of contacts they interact with. Whether that’s for business or social reasons, the fact remains that a lot of employees got their jobs via unadvertised positions. How they did it? Networking.

You can get a good job through referrals from well-meaning contacts. It could be a chef in your favorite restaurant, a team mate on a local soccer team, or a family friend. Networking works. Every contact is a potential medium to get that job


Armed with this knowledge, you have a better chance as a job seeker out there. You’re more confident of your chances too.


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