‘5 Mistakes That Can Keep You Broke For Life’


”She returned the ring after only 6 years of engagement” – Heartbroken Man cries out.

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‘5 Mistakes That Can Keep You Broke For Life’

Many are doing these but they are not even aware:

Here are 5 mistakes you might probably be making now that would keep you broke for life if you don’t stop.

1. Disgusting the rich:

You cannot become what you disgust. If you accidentally get rich with this mindset; chances are you will in no time lose everything and be broke again.

I’m sure you don’t want to remain broke. Then start liking the rich.

2. Envying those making it big.

Don’t be envious of people growing. Rather bless their achievements and pray God bless you with yours too. If you do this; you will soon hit your jackpot.

3. Thinking life happens to you.

This is a grave mistake that most people make. They just sit in a corner thinking that what shall be shall be. Sure what shall be shall be; but you have to put some things in place.

It is written that heaven helps those who help themselves. So, take charge of your life.

4. You can’t take risk because you are afraid to lose.

I will have to explain this for you to get

You are like, what if I lose. Ok, what if you win!! Just do it.

This thought belongs to the poor. The rich take risk to win. They do not take risk not to lose.

Have you seen a club that wins a match through all round defending without an attempt to attack? I’ve not seen one. The best they can get is a draw. Which is a waste of time when it comes to risk taking. How can I invest 10k and get 10k back with no ROI after like a month or 3 months.

So; rather than defend your money; aim for the win.

5. You want to be rich because you want to prove people wrong. This is a non-supportive why to becoming rich.

The effect of this is that you won’t find happiness in being rich. Non-supportive why also include fear and anger. You will never find happiness in becoming rich if your why is dependent on fear, anger or show-off.

You might even lose all the money to gain happiness. Of which; been broke will cause more sadness.

So; take note of these 5 things. Are you doing any? If yes; let me know in the comment section and I will give you the best way to tackle it.

The goal is to be great together.

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Raheem Sodiq Babatunde.


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