5 Lessons to Learn from King Sunny Ade’s Songs

King Sunny Ade is the king of Juju music in Nigeria. He’s loved by old, and young people alike. KSA’s songs have deep seated lessons embedded in them.
5 Lessons to Learn from King Sunny Ade’s Songs

Lessons to Learn from King Sunny Ade’s Songs

King Sunny Ade songs are very enlightening, insightful, and entertaining. Mostly, they evoke deep thoughts in the mind of the listener.

We’ve aggregated a list of things to learn from the master of the legwork, ever before the dance step became a thing.

KSA is presently retired although he gets called out of retirement occasionally, by fans who would pay through their nose to have him perform at their events.

The Grammy award nominee constantly gives us things to think about with his songs. Here’s 5 things we’ve learned from listening to them:

1) Never hate on your enemy, they’d celebrate with you one day. Songs like Aiye Nreti Eleya Mi, clearly states that one should steadfastly ignore whatever people say about you.

2) Many of his songs address God, praising a supernatural power for bestowing him with guidance through life.

This teaches us that regardless of who we are, or whatever stage in life we’re in, they are supernatural powers at play. We can either channel this power towards good or evil.

3) KSA sings a lot of proverbs, adding his own meanings to them, further enlightening his fans to their true meaning.

4) Never let go of your heritage. No matter how far his name goes, or how much recognition he gets, King Sunny Ade is still very much a Yoruba man.

5) KSA makes his fans aware that there’s a better tomorrow just around the corner, with songs like Merciful God.

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